All is Practice

I came across this from when I was Instructor of the Month at Charlotte Family Yoga Center.  It’s funny how you can forget your own wisdom sometimes 😉

Yoga is a practice, breath is a practice, meditation is a practice, love is a practice, kindness is a practice, peace is a practice… Life is a practice. Practice often.
My yoga practice is practice for the rest of my life.  Everything that happens on my mat is a mini version of what happens off my mat.  A difficult pose in my practice can be like a difficult relationship in my life.  How do I react?  Can I soften my edges and be okay with what is?   
Can I choose love even when choosing fear seems so right?  What about falling out of a pose?   Falling out of Vrksasana (tree) can be like failing that test or being turned down for that job.  
 Can I choose to fall with grace and ease?  Can I remember that failing is simply practice for winning?  And isn’t it all practice?  It is not the arrival but the journey that shapes the character of the traveler.  We are all travelers, just passing through.  Learning from each other and growing in grace.
When we think of life as practice we become aware of everything.   We wake up to the breath, to connection, to the beauty of creation, to the love in our lives, to the gratitude that we are invited to share, to the art of being.  Peace… be still…  all is practice.  

About gottagirl12

I ramble. Always have. So that's what this blog is about - saving all my friends from my endless banter and nonsense. Perhaps you will find me funny at times or a little on the romantic/nostalgic meaningful side, but honestly this is my therapy. I'm not concerned with how I am received. Or if my grammar and spelling are acceptable. Nope. That was college and corp america. Now that I am pushing 40, had 2 kids and recently separated, my level of caring about what others might think has dropped significantly. But if you are gonna read and comment and such, then be my guest. Perhaps we can learn something along the way. I've been teaching yoga since 2008 and a bodyworker since 2011. I live and work in Charlotte, NC.
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