I choose love

I found this picture below from a friend of mine and the quote says what I have been trying to figure out and put into words…for most of my life…. but most especially for THIS time in my life.



There has always been this feeling that love is conditional.  Love is contingent.  On performance.  On manipulation.  On compromise.  On appearance.  On ANYTHING,  you fill in the ________.

But at the end of it all love is simply love.  You don’t add anything to love.  And you can’t take anything away.  Love can not be manipulated or controlled or based on anything tangible.  It can’t be distorted and woven into a web of fragmented worlds.  Love simply IS.  All that other stuff we do – it’s just other stuff we do…  But it’s NOT love.  Perhaps it is fear.  Fear of losing something or someone.  Fear of being alone.  Fear of not being ENOUGH.  The list of fears is endless.

Only just now… just NOW have I BEGUN to understand love.  And I have learned that to explain love – real love for another human being – is to DIMINISH it.  You must feel it.  You must understand that it exists with or without you.  I can not make love more or less.  I can only choose to stand in it or choose to stand in the shadows and fear it.

I use to rely on religion… back when I thought there was only one WAY to do life.  I found religion to be a prop of the weak minded and fearful.  I now see that no matter what I do, what I say, how I walk through the world… I am LOVED.  Period.  There is no power that I hold over whether I am loved.  I am made of love and made for love and made through love.  I have no power to diminsh real love.  It encompasses all and forgives all.

So now, when I choose to express love for another, it is without expectation.  Without anticipation of control or security or safety.  It isn’t because I need something that doesn’t already exist within me.  It is because I have seen the darkest part of the heart and soul and chosen to love anyway.   Because just as fear is a choice, love is also.

I choose LOVE. 


About gottagirl12

I ramble. Always have. So that's what this blog is about - saving all my friends from my endless banter and nonsense. Perhaps you will find me funny at times or a little on the romantic/nostalgic meaningful side, but honestly this is my therapy. I'm not concerned with how I am received. Or if my grammar and spelling are acceptable. Nope. That was college and corp america. Now that I am pushing 40, had 2 kids and recently separated, my level of caring about what others might think has dropped significantly. But if you are gonna read and comment and such, then be my guest. Perhaps we can learn something along the way. I've been teaching yoga since 2008 and a bodyworker since 2011. I live and work in Charlotte, NC. www.elevation121.com
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